La Belle Étoile (talacky) wrote,
La Belle Étoile


Can someone explain this to me?

My living room in my apartment, and only my living room, is filled with steam.

It's the first room you enter when going in my apartment, and it was like walking into a bathroom after someone just took a long hot shower. All the windows and mirrors are fogged up.

I noticed it was strangely steamy when I left the apartment this morning at 9:30. I just got back now (12:30), and it's ten times worse.

I figured maybe the heaters got turned on, but I've checked them before and after I went to class, and they feel cold. All the windows have been closed for a couple weeks, and again, the steam is only in my living room.

What the hell? I'm looking at my living room right now, from the little room right next to it (which is not steamy), and it looks like it's filled with smoke. But it's definitely steam. Somehow a cloud is in my living room.

I'm so freaked out!

EDIT: Ah, fuck. All the steam is coming out of this hole where they removed the old radiators. Guess it's time to call the landlord. It's just getting worse.

And here's a picture:
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